What are you waiting for ?

Transform your life

Nutrition, health, wellbeing … Coaching, Reiki, Holistic therapies …

 It’s time that you become the master of your life !


Want to regain fitness and vitality in your everyday life ?

Fighting with stress, fatigue or sleep issues ?

Lets get to the root cause and treat the cause rather than the symptom.


Need an intensive relaxation ?

Then Reiki is for you !

This energetic therapy will bring you relief, relaxation, energy reset, mind stillness, and internal peace.


Want to feel great in your ownbody ?

Struggling with body image, feeling insecure, or fearing people's opinion ?

You are not alone in this ! my Holistic coaching techniques provide the support and the guidance you need to embrace and love your body.


Tired of your job ?

Want a fulfilling job, make a career change, or be your own boss ?

I have been there, and I know how to guide you to make a gradual, lifelong change that enables you to reach your career goals.


Tired of one-size-fits-all approaches to dieting ?

Tired of fad diets, food cravings, and guilty feelings ?

I will teach you how to find the food and lifestyle choices that best support you.


Struggling with relationships ?

Family dysfunction, broken connections, or fear of being single forever ?

Together we will explore basic approaches and implement positive changes that enable you to reach healthy relationships.

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In pursuit of magic ?

We are often looking outside for the answers when in fact there is no external person, place, or thing that can tell us how to create the life we desire. 

What if the answers you are looking for outside, are here and now within you ! what if the answers already exist inside of you, to guide you to live your own truth and embrace your authenticity ! 

Awaken your inner guidance !

We all have an inner guidance system of physical, intuitive and emotional information that speaks directly to us. 

As a health coach, I create a supportive and judgement-free environnement that enables you to awaken this inner power. 

In this safe space you’ll have the opportunity to grow, face and understand your daily fears and frustrations, identify your limiting beliefs, feel and question your emotions, live purposefully, evolve, and learn to thrive by giving priority to your unique self.

Here , there is no taboo ! you can finally allow yourself to just be you.

Holistic Approach to wellness for people around the world

I devote my time and energy to giving personalized coaching sessions to people around the globe, via webcam and in-person meetings.