I tell you ...

My story, my identity

Hello, I am Lubna !

I am a certified Holistic Health Coach, a Reiki Master, and a passionate about alternative healing therapies and anything that enables us to live a fulfilled life. 

Having had a completely different life before founding Pépite Yin, my commitment today is to make well-being a possible choice for everyone.

Therefore, I decided to have all the required education to support you and guide you through your own health journey, to bring the balance that you need to all the areas of your life ( relationships, career, health, love, self-development …)

As a Health Coach I put the power back in your hands ! Are you curious about how health coaching can help you ? Let’s talk. Schedule an initial free consultation with me today.

My certification

I graduated from Institute for Integrative Nutrition – New York, one of the largest health school in the world and a pioneer in Holistic nutrition, considering the wholeness and the uniqueness of each person.

I learned innovative coaching methods, and practical lifestyle management techniques with the world’s top and wellness experts including Andrew Weil, Deepak Chopra, David Katz, Geneen Roth …

My journey

Autopilot mode

Beyond any certification, becoming a Health Coach is the result of  a whole life course.

During many years I was living completely on autopilot,  life was just happening to me. Graduated from a reputable engineering school, working for a major French bank, surrounded by wonderful friends … I could not dream of a better life.

Yet, something was going wrong. I could not rid myself of the feeling of being out of place and not fitting in !

After sadness, frustration, and self-observation I realized that I was loosing my identity, and that before being myself , I was the one the society was expecting me to be … I was extremely angry and wanted to leave, leave as far away as possible …

Dream comes true !

I decided to move to Colombia, yes Colombia, why not ! after all  I will be far away, far away from a society that I already know, and from all the masks that I constantly had to wear ! I wanted to be on my own and freed from the usual patterns. 

In this country where the coffee is an important aspect of national identity, I decided to open my own coffeeshop “Le k’fée”. A cute place of true conviviality where I learned, grown, had success, and … also suffered. The malaise was there again ! I could only see the darkness, the deeply rooted darkness in me.

A glimmer of hope

Then life circumstances put through my path the right people, who opened for me  the doors of personal development, meditation, indigenous therapies, Reiki … at last I have been able to see some light, at last I have been able to understand and truly heal, heal from the wounds that I have been carrying for far too long. I started to be, just be !

I decided then to start to live, live an authentique and vibrante life with peace, serenity, faith, love, compassion and forgiveness. The journey is long and it is a process of many layers, though I decided to commit myself to this path every day that I am alive. 

No matter the place, no matter the activity, no matter the company, my journey is about living my personal truth.

My desire , is that you too, have the opportunity to live a vibrant life close to your own truth. Want to give it a try ?

There are no coincidences, only encounters


my core values

I trust my body

I live by my values

I dip into the magic within me

I do what I love or I love what I do

Never say YES when actually I want to say NO

Inner peace is my ultimate power

I am the only master of my life 

Intuition is my life compass

I love simplicity